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One big happy family

One big happy family
By: Jacques Boncoeur (

Authors note. Everything that follows is of course pure fantasy but it would be unfair not to mention the person that gives me the inspiration for all of my stories : my beautiful partner Susan and JennyO of erotic stories fame, in their many guises. Thankfully they are both real, some images of Susan can be seen at the following address. and Jenny on her own web site, check them out! I can assure you they don't do them justice. Jacques BonCoeur

Part One

Jenn was high, pissed and horny. It was nearing midnight on New Years Eve 2003, which was soon to become 2004. She was tingling with expectation. She knew something special was going to happen, especially as she had been exchanging glances with a guy across the room all evening. Of course, there had been nearly a hundred people at the party and most of them had been between her and him but somehow she knew he was special. Suddenly the crowd began to count down the New Year.

?4' - ?Hi my', ?3' - ?name's Duncan', ?2' - ?I'm so pleased', ?1' - ?to'.

He gathered her in his arms and kissed her. All hell let loose around them and neither of them noticed. The New Year was nearly ten minutes old when they surfaced for air. At last, the kiss was broken and both of them were breathless.

Suddenly Duncan said, ?Somehow I knew I would meet my wife here tonight.'

Jennifer was stunned. She had thought that this might be her Mister Right and now it seemed he was married. ?Oh, where is she?' she struggled to say.

?She's standing right in front of me.'

Jennifer was a 23-year-old California girl; she was tanned, and vivacious, sensuous, happy go lucky and very sexy. She loved her body, she loved to show it off, she had tits and a cunt to die for and she was an exhibitionist. She loved fucking. She had fucked in one to ones, in threesomes with both men and women and in groups. She had been gang banged and loved it. She gave head and swallowed. She loved anal. She was moderately masochistic and, in the menu of sex, there wasn't much that she hadn't tried and if she hadn't liked it, she was not the sort of woman that would be shy in saying so. She had never even contemplated marriage and yet in front of her a stranger was saying he was going to marry her and in her heart, she knew he was right.

?Let me take you to Cockaigne!' he said.

?Cockaigne, I thought that was a type of champagne you got after giving head,' she giggled.

?Cockaigne is my home, a utopia, where life is full and luxurious.'

The room was going round and round!!!!

The first day of January was a wonderful day. It didn't start wonderfully; in fact, it started very painfully. Her head hurt, it hurt a lot. Her mouth was dry and tasted much like a tinker's ass. What a strange phrase, she even seemed to be thinking in a different language. She suddenly felt a rough tongue rasp across her right nipple and a finger gently, but firmly, eased its way into her cunt. It moved around creating havoc within her belly and suddenly she realised that even though her whole being hurt, her sex was on fire. ?Oh No, Oh God No, she orgasmed. Her cunt was a blaze and yet she felt that someone was pounding her head with a hammer. No more! Mercy! No more please, please, please!

Duncan allowed her to turn her back to him, curl into a ball and sleep. He cradled her in his arms for two more hours, patiently allowing her time to recover. It was difficult because he was so excited. He knew that his five years of fruitless searching was at an end and he had found the one. He also knew that his quest was only just beginning, as the hurdle he had to cross was formidable.

?Oh God, who are you?' Jenn asked. ?Oh my God you're the jerk that thinks he's my future husband.' Her beautifully pearl tipped nipples seemed to point at him in sarcasm. ?Did you fuck me?'

?No,' he said, kissing the tip of her nose.

?Why not, are you gay?'

?When I fuck you, you'll know it,' he replied.

?I happen to like being fucked when I'm out of it.'

?Well tough luck, we're going to shower, have coffee and some breakfast and then I might condescend to fuck your brains out.'

?Oh good,' she said.

The evening shadows were gathering in the beachside shack that Duncan was renting. At least it had a toilet, a shower and hot and cold water. The day had been hot and exhausting. He had fucked her cunt three times and her arse twice. She had merely sucked him back to life and demanded more. ?I'm not going to marry you if you're a limp dick,' she laughed.

?What is Cockaigne,' she asked during a moment of calm.

?It's where my home is, in Argyle in Scotland. I'm not allowed back until I bring home my bride.'

?Fuck me! You really mean it, don't you?'

?I've never been more serious in my life. For the past few weeks, I knew you were near. I've been searching for you for five years now.'

Jenn knew this was ridiculous but her heart was racing. God, she thought this man really does turn me on and I really like him, but marriage after knowing him for just hours was insane. Then again, she had just experienced the most satisfying sex session of her life, especially considering she had felt so hung-over earlier. She had practically been coming all afternoon.

?You don't know me at all. You know nothing about me.'

?I know everything I need to know. I know I love you; I loved you before I even knew you. Don't you believe that some things can be preordained?'

Jenn's stomach was turning and she thought she was going to be sick.

?Will you marry me Jennifer?' Before she had a chance to answer, he continued. ?I just want to know if it's possible, as I have to tell you of the consequences of saying yes, before I hold you to it.'

Jenn was stunned but found herself saying, ?Well anything is possible. I'm intrigued. Tell me more. Your face looks like death. Surely, it can't be that bad? Is there a curse on the family or something?'

?Not exactly a curse but almost as bad.'

?Spit it out then,' she said.

?Sorry, but I think I'm going to need a drink.' He walked to the icebox and brought them both a beer. Sitting back on the bed and putting a pillow behind his back, he struggled to find the words. ?My family are the Clan Johnstone and our ancestral home is Cockaigne in the northern moors of Argyle. The first-born son of our clan becomes the Laird on his marriage. I am the first-born. His wife becomes the Mother of the Clan. You would become Lady Jennifer Johnstone and you would be expected to fulfil all of the privileges and duties of the position. My ancestors, thinking it wise not to fragment the land and property pledged that only the first-born son was allowed to marry. Any daughter could marry but would not receive a dowry or inheritance. Any son could marry but would immediately revoke his right to inherit as would any offspring.'

?Why the glum face? You seem to be the lucky one and inherit everything.'

?The Laird and his wife get all the privileges but also the duties. Only the first-born son can marry but the Mother of the Clan is just that. All of the male Johnstone's will mate with her during her fertile period. Her children might be the product of anyone of her lovers.'

Jenn was stunned and her guts were churning with excitement and anger. ?So you're not really after a wife, you're after a brood mare.'

?Jenn I love you and I really want you to be my wife but I am a product of my clan and I have to be loyal and respect its ancient ordinances.'

?What would I have to do?'

Duncan was astounded that she was even listening to his proposal let alone considering it. ?I'm afraid the approval process is also humiliating. First you'll have to undergo medical tests to show that you are fertile and then the clan will meet to approve you at a gathering.'

?Will they fuck me at that gathering?' Jenn asked her stomach churning.

?No, that will happen on our marriage night which will be timed to coincide with your first fertile period. There's more Jenn I'm afraid.' Duncan lowered his eyes clearly embarrassed. ?This isn't just a task of procreation but also recreation; the men in my family aren't allowed to marry so they'll fuck you for fun. They will fuck you three days of every month for the rest of your life until your first born marries, and then his wife will shoulder the burden and you can be mine alone, if that's what you want'

?What will you want?'

?I will fuck you every possible day of my life. But I think you are the most beautiful sexy woman I've ever seen and I will adore serving you up for my family.'

Part Two

Elaine watched as Jennifer walked down the aisle in her beautiful sleek wedding dress. Her figure was enchanting, as was her personality. Her tits were not huge, as was discovered at the clan gathering a week ago when she had undergone what could have been a humiliating experience. Naked, her charms had been exhibited to the clan. She however had been the exhibitionist and had gloried in the role, allowing every member to feel and suck at her tits, stroke and fondle her gorgeous bum and finger and lick her stunning cunt, its lips, and her large and sensitive clitoris. She was relieved that Duncan rather than being jealous had revelled in her outrageousness and seemed to encourage her to exhibit herself in ever more revealing scenarios. Elaine's mind returned to that night twenty-five years before in 1979 when she had stood before the clan having only been told moments before, by her mother-in-law to be, what her duties entailed. Greg, her future husband had not been so happy to have her mauled. Strangely, she remembered even now the fingers that pinched her nipples and thrust up her virgin cunt and bum. She could see the red face of her fiancé, as his brothers, his uncles and mainly his father Ragnin, had made sport of her. Greg had been consumed with jealousy but even on that first occasion, she had been unable to hide how much she loved to be used by her lovers and that secretly, she had loved every second, and every new feeling she was experiencing. She had to bite her tongue to stop screaming in ecstasy and when it had become too much she had been happy to accept that all had believed her screams were those of fear, pain and disgust, instead of being caused by the orgasms that ripped through her. For twenty-five years, she had loved her husband and the clan. For twenty-five years, she had looked forward with ever-increasing excitement to the three days of the month when she would be fucked senseless, all day, and all night, whenever her men wanted. Greg had rarely fucked her at this period, which she really regretted, as firstly, he would have prepared her body for the assault that was to follow, and secondly, because she knew he was not the father of Duncan, or his brothers. Ragnin was their father, he knew it, Greg knew it, Elaine knew it and so did all the clan. It wasn't that Ragnin stopped anyone else from fucking her; on the contrary, he would always be next to her feeding the men's cocks into her mouth, cunt or bum. Moreover, at breeding times he would thrust his hand into her spunk-filled cunt pushing her combined lover's milky seed deep inside her, aiding her fertilisation. And fertilised she was. She gave birth six times in the first six years as Mother of the Clan, six boys and each had now grown up, and would fuck Jennifer tonight.

Part of the initiation ceremony was that the outgoing Laird was the first to fuck the new Mother of the Clan. Ragnin had gloried in his role. Unlike Jennifer, Elaine had been completely unprepared until just before the night of approval, when Greg's mother Isabella had explained what her future life was going to entail. Greg, being too embarrassed to explain himself.

On the night before her wedding, Greg had come to her room.

?Darling, I'm so ashamed of the way you are going to be treated tomorrow. I know Mum has given you an idea of what is going to happen but I must tell you that the Laird will fuck you first. Elaine in the ways of sex he's an animal, and he's hung like a horse too. You'll never be able to take him in your virgin cunt. Let me deflower you now, at least as a preparation for your ordeal tomorrow.'

She looked into his eyes and saw that they were bathed in love and kindness. How could she tell him that she positively wanted to be fucked and to show the clan she could be a mother to them all? Sensibly, she agreed. ?Yes Greg, please fuck me.'

He had raised her skirts and gently parted the lips of her virgin cunt. Licked along the already sopping wet pouch and kneeling between her legs he began to push his huge cock inside her. She had never seen such an instrument before.

?Oh my God Greg, It's huge you'll never get that inside me.'

?Darling, in a minute you will have taken it all and be enjoying it, unfortunately first there will be some pain but persevere, this is necessary. Ragnin's cock is much bigger and he will not be gentle.'

Greg stayed motionless as Elaine threw off her blouse and bra. Her body was on fire. Her beautiful tits were heaving with her excitement. She placed three pillows behind her back and shoulders so that she could see the cock inch its way inside of her belly. The first three inches of cock slid in easier than she had expected and she began to think she would have little trouble in accepting his full length but suddenly the bulbous head jammed and Greg could go no further.

?That's your hymen darling, I'm afraid I'm going to have to push very hard to break through and it's going to hurt for a little.'

?Go ahead I'm ready.'

Both took a deep breath. Greg slowly removed his cock and at first she thought he was taking it out, when suddenly he thrust powerfully back into her cunt breaking through the obstruction and burying himself deeply inside her. His balls slapped against her arse and he remained motionless as she wailed in pain at the intrusion. ?Oh my God! You're killing me! You're splitting me open!'

?Nay my love, you're a woman now and the pain will soon be over, at least for today, tomorrow is another matter.' Greg allowed her to get her breath back and slowly began to slide his huge cock in and out of her. She realised that the pain had quickly gone and soon a different pain was building inside her belly. Her hands found her nipples and she began to pull and pinch them hard, hoping to alleviate the pleasure/pain slowly building inside her belly. Greg taking his weight on one hand moved the other between them and brushed the head of her cunt and the little pleasure button that was now protruding from its nest, like a small finger. Elaine's belly, mind and cunt exploded simultaneously. Her body was racked with spasms and she was throwing herself mindlessly about the bed. Greg was afraid she might hurt herself but fortunately it was all too much and the poor girl fainted. When she came round, Greg had placed the pillows that had been behind her back under her bum. He had lifted and parted her legs which where now resting on his shoulders and he was thrusting hard into her gushing cunt. She could see as he withdrew that his cock was covered in her juices.

?Oh, my God, this is wonderful, Oh my God, Oh my, I'm going to explode again. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me. Oh, I'm comingggggggggggg!!'

This time she did not faint and the pain of the spasms seemed to be driving her mad. Fortunately, Greg, who hearing her erupt into this series of mind-blowing orgasms, could not hold out any longer and unloaded his spunk deep inside of her.

The couple lay side by side recovering, she still breathing heavily, he playing with her inflamed nipples. He was amazed how in minutes they had changed from dainty coral tipped buds to blood engorged nubs, easily an inch long and three quarters of an inch in diameter. He knew that within hours many of his relatives would be sucking these precious buds. He looked down at her pouting cunt, the lips open and their mingled secretions running between the crack of her beautiful arse cheeks. He knew that soon he would witness the seed of his father, his four uncles and his five brothers gushing from this wonderful haven. He knew it and he hated it. He loved her and wanted her for himself but his birthright, and its duties could not be disowned, and he knew, as he had always known, she was not his alone. ?Darling, turn over, I had better fuck your bum now,' he said sadly but matter of factly.

?What?' she said in a shocked tone. ?You want to put that where?'

?In your bum darling, if I don't they'll drive you mad with the pain. Believe me, Ragnin will probably fuck both your holes over the next three days and he won't be gentle. Tomorrow, your wedding night, you will only be fucked in your cunt. But, after tomorrow, every one of your orifices will be up for grabs. We must get you ready today and make sure you're well lubricated in both your cunt and especially your bum tomorrow.'

She turned over and allowed him to part her bum cheeks, uncovering the puckered hole, hiding between the beautiful orbs of flesh. He smeared a jelly onto his fingers and pressed one into her anus and stroked her around her entrance lubricating it thoroughly. The sensation was electrifying and strangely, she felt the same build up of tension in her belly and tits. He gently thrust the tip of the finger inside her bum, there was no pain but that of pleasure, he pushed deeper until he was buried inside and began an in and out thrusting motion. She felt a second finger join the first and still there was no pain. She was close to coming now and she knew this orgasm would be mind blowing. Strangely, she thought the sensation was coming from her cunt and not her arse. She lowered a hand to her cunt and began playing with the engorged clit rolling in gently between her fingers. Her body stiffened as the waves of orgasm hit her and, within seconds, her mind could take no more and she passed out. Greg seeing she had fainted removed his fingers and lubricating his huge cock he placed the purple knob head to her anus and pushed inside. After a seconds resistance the head popped inside her pretty bum, as the sphincter muscles were completely relaxed. Seconds later, when Elaine had recovered, she found Greg thrusting brutally into her arse. The pleasure or pain, she did not know which, was intense and she suddenly began a continuous series of mind-blowing orgasms. She was screaming in ecstasy and biting into a pillow to stifle the flow of filth that was coming from her lips. Although he had only just had a mighty ejaculation, Greg knew he could not last long. Not that it mattered to Elaine as she was in a world of her own. He tried to concentrate, just to extend the intense pleasure he was receiving from this wonderful girls bum but it was not to be, and suddenly, unable to control himself he was thrusting into her virgin back passage and unloaded another huge load of his pent up spunk. Spurt after spurt shot up into her gut and for over a minute the spasms shot through him.

Maybe even an hour had passed ,when Elaine turned to Greg and leaning on her elbow, with her beautiful tits pointing at him accusingly, she said, ?What is going to happen tomorrow?'

?Tomorrow we will walk down the aisle a married couple, having made our vows, you will vow to obey, and most of the congregation will know what that obedience means. The reception will be held at the castle in the banqueting hall. The guests that are not part of the clan, including your parents, will have been told that I have to be initiated as the new Laird and you as the Mother of the Clan and that it is a secret ceremony. They will continue their celebrations in the clan members' absence, I am sure we will not be missed, highland dancing is a hectic evening for all. We will return to the great hall and we will be presented to the clan by Ragnin. I will offer you to him and to the clan as the new Mother, and he will fuck you, I will be next and then all of the male members. The only other females present will be my aunt Shauna, and my own mother Isabella, who as the retiring Mother of the Clan will minister to you.'

?Will you stay with me throughout please?'

?Tomorrow, yes, it is expected of me but after tomorrow I don't think I will be able to watch them use you so. It's not that they will breeding with you, I can accept that, it's that they'll be allowed to use you for fun. They'll fuck your arse, your mouth, your tits and your cunt and I know I won't be able to stand the sight of all those cocks thrusting into you.'

Elaine's belly was on fire at the thought of it and she knew that it wasn't through fear. ?Please be there at my side tomorrow and hold my hand to give me courage,' she whispered in an effort to hide the fact that she was excited at the thought of being the centre of so much attention. ?After tomorrow I will endure my duties alone.'

Her wedding day had passed in a blur. She was pleased that the ceremony had been filmed, as she had no recollection of it, but she knew she had looked beautiful. She had only been seventeen, and her father had to give his legal permission, as well a give her away. She had been unable to eat at the reception her stomach in knots. First Greg, then her father and, lastly Ragnin had danced with her at the reception. Ragnin wasn't a cruel man but he dominated all around, even her father and mother were in awe of him. As they were dancing, he whispered in her ear. ?After you have been fucked tonight, I'm going to make you squat over a bowl of your wedding cake and empty the contents of your cunt over it. You will then be made to eat it.' Elaine nodded meekly, she had nearly come on the spot, which was very uncomfortable, as she had been forbidden to wear panties and her juices were already running down her legs.

Everything had come to pass. She had calculated that alone Ragnin had fucked her over 900 times in that twenty-five years, in one of her orifices or another. She had given birth to six lusty boys and had fed them all from her abundant breasts. Fortunately, she produced enough milk for it to be bottled and chilled, as for nearly eight years on her three special days a month, the whole clan would feed from her teats. How she had managed to keep the shape and size of her now impressive breasts, she didn't know. But, she was proud of them and also the fabulous sensitivity that they gave her when they were sucked. She sometimes regretted stopping the family feeding from her, as she had loved the experience, but she had known that she would never have been able to keep their elasticity and firmness. She also knew that she would regret not having Ragnin, now an old man, between her legs, thrusting his mighty member into her now very receptive body. She hoped and expected that it would not end here. Greg, as much as she loved him, would not be able to satisfy her; they both knew it.

Part Three

Now it was Jennifer's time. She looked radiant. None of her parents or friends had attended the ceremony, as the wedding had been so hastily arranged. As the celebration was restricted to the clan members, it was to be held in the Great Hall. There was to be no dancing tonight. She knew she would be providing the entertainment. Jennifer was surprised that she felt so nervous. She had been fucked many times before and gang-banged on more than one occasion. Of course, tonight she would be fucked by twelve men and Duncan had boasted that each of them would want to fill all of her body orifices. This evening therefore would be a record for her and apparently, it would happen for the next three days and then for three days each month until her first-born was himself married. Horny Jennifer suggested to Duncan that they extended it to three times a week and he had laughed uproariously. That evening Duncan presented her to the clan as their new Mother. Each of them had already mauled her intimate parts, so the presentation was merely for spectacle but she revelled in it nonetheless. Duncan handed her to Greg and still in her wedding dress, she was guided around the hall. The men had all undressed and she was presented to an array of erect cocks that caused her belly to churn. In turn, she was made to kneel before each of them and take the cock-head into her mouth, lick around the helmet and kiss the tip before rising and saying, ?I am the clan mother, give me your seed.'

Finally, she was led to a leather-padded bench, much the size of a single bed, which had been placed on a raised dais, to ensure that everyone could witness her initiation.

Greg lifted the hem of her dress right over her head, effectively blind folding her. She knew he was embarrassed. She didn't mind, as it was not a new experience. She had on several occasions been tied up and blindfolded, as her lovers had smacked and fucked her. She also knew how beautiful she looked. Her cunt had been freshly depilated and was oozing her juices. She felt him parting her lips. There was no need for lubrication and soon he was buried up to the hilt and gently thrusting in and out of her. It was with surprise that she felt how much smaller he was than Duncan and she had to use her muscles to grip his cock. It wasn't that he was small she knew, only that Duncan was so big. Nonetheless she orgasmed long before he had unloaded his seed inside her. Duncan was next. Her dress had been designed so that the bodice could be undone and her breasts exposed. Assisted by Elaine the bodice was undone and Duncan eased both Jenn's tits out and showed them proudly to the assembled men. Soon we we'll all drink to our clan from these beautiful breasts. He kissed the already engorged nipples and she was speared once more, with what seemed like a jolt of electricity.

?Fuck me darling,' she almost shouted at him, ?fill me with your seed.'

Duncan needed no further encouragement. There was no need for gentleness, or to delay his ejaculation, his only duty was to fill her full of his seed. He began thrusting inside of her and within seconds, they were both approaching their climax. Jennifer's hit her from out of nowhere and she arched her back, it seemed she was trying to get her husband's whole lower body into her cunt. ?Oh my God I'm coming, eeeeeeeeehhhh. Ohhhhhhhhh.

Duncan seemed to be trying to assist in this very quest as he rammed his huge cock into her receptive cunt. Soon he was filling her. Her cunt was unable to take the load that had been added to that which Greg had already deposited inside her, and it began leaking from her battered cunt. Duncan removed himself from between her legs and seeing the spunk dripping from her cunt he scooped it up and pushed it inside her gaping lips. ?We don't want to waste any do we?'

Next Ragnin was assisted by Duncan up onto the dais and between her legs. Ragnin was now over seventy and his frame seemed to have shrunk but his dominating attitude was only overshadowed by the unbelievable size of his cock. For this first breeding session she had agreed to remain on her back so that most of the fertile seed would remain in her cunt but Jennifer feared if this cock fucked her too deeply she might well be injured. She was about to complain when she saw the look on Ragnin's face and decided to keep her fears to herself. With Duncan on one side and Elaine on the other each supporting a leg and holding her lips apart, Ragnin inserted the massive bell end to her gaping cunt. She experienced the first pain since her virginity had been taken many years before. Supporting herself on her elbows she watched as the cock slowly inched inside. One, two, three, four, five, six inches and still more than half of the massive member remained outside her body. Ragnin had lost his patience and rammed the shaft home. Jennifer nearly choked and screamed in real pain at the assault her cunt was taking. The old man cared less and merely increased the pace of his thrusting. He leaned forward and pinched her nipples causing the girl to scream louder. Suddenly Jenn could hear his balls slapping against her bum cheeks and she knew he had managed to thrust his whole shaft inside her. The pain gradually lessened and suddenly her body began to shake not just from the battering she was receiving but also from the waves of orgasm that were flooding her. For nearly two hours her new family systematically fucked her. Her only rest, was when they made her squat over a bowl and Duncan and Ragnin scooped the spunk from her body. Three times they emptied her, and she was made to squat there as the spunk slowly flowed from her pussy. Then the fucking would begin again and she would soon be in rapture as Duncan proudly played with her tits and fingered her swollen clit. She didn't know whether her new family were satiated but knowing she would be their's for a further two day of celebration, they had finally allowed her to rise from the bench. Her gaze was suddenly attracted to a table next to the dais where Elaine now naked, was on her hands and knees and Ragnin was thundering into her cunt with his huge cock. Her large beautifully rounded breast swung backwards and forwards as the massive member sawed in and out of her small body. She was screaming in orgasm, ?Oh Ragnin! Fuck me, fuck me, promise you'll never stop fucking me.' Ragnin roared in triumph as he unloaded into her. ?Take that, you're no longer the clan Mother, you're the clan whore now.' Elaine was made to squat over the same bowl as Jenny and a copious quantity of spunk slowly flowed from her inflamed cunt.

After she was empty Elaine picked up the bowl containing their joint secretions and carried it to Ragnin who emptied it over two large slices of Jenny's wedding cake. The two women sat side by side on the bench and greedily ate the banquet put before them, whilst the remainder of the family, nibbled on cake without the special dressing.

Just one big happy family!!!!

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